2023 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 5 [Feature]

Do you hear that, readers? That’s the sound of Christmas getting ever closer! And what better way to count down to the big day than with day 5 of TBB’s LEGO advent calendar roundup? That’s just what we’re doing, so why not join us as we open up the City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel calendars on offer this year?

As ever, our intrepid TBB team is on hand with witty comments, insightful observations, and bad jokes for each day’s builds. And of course, you can add your own thoughts in the comments section each day! So without further ado, let’s crack open the build for day 5…

What’s a hockey player without a goal to score in? LEGO City gives us just that, plus a trophy for good measure. It’s raining cats and dogs in Friends, as we have a feline friend to go with day three’s canine companion.

Our sole minifigure today comes courtesy of Ron Weasley. Marvel has a snowman (or a snow-Iron-Man, by the looks of it), while Star Wars’ offering is a microscale Juggernaut.

Daniel: Wow, a snowman with guns for hands? Sweet. Also loving the Clone Wars turbotank. The HP minifigs with civilian hats are fun but the cat wins the day.

Kyle: How does the arc reactor not melt the snowman, Mr. Stark? And I’m going to lay it out now: the Friends calendar has been a big disappointment thus far. The cat is good, but doesn’t make up for past days. Ron’s hat is the best. Full stop.

Ben: The general feeling of the offerings today… Lacking.

Lino: Do we have one of those advent calendars that, instead of this, has little booze bottles? Because right about now that would be preferable?

Bart: That cat is the best LEGO part of 2023!

Mixed reactions to day 5! Some popular parts perhaps not enough to sway opinion so far, but let’s see if the tide can be turned in later days…

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