2023 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 6 [Feature]

That strange noise you hear is the sound of Christmas getting ever closer! And what better way to count down to the big day than with day 6 of TBB’s LEGO advent calendar roundup? That’s just what we’re doing, so why not join us as we open up the City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel calendars on offer this year?

As ever, our intrepid TBB team is on hand with witty comments, insightful observations, and bad jokes for each day’s builds. And of course, you can add your own thoughts in the comments section each day! So without further ado, let’s crack open the build for day 6…

We’ve already had snowmen in two of the five advent calendars so far, and Friends gets in on the act today. City’s build is a little ambiguous, but I think it’s an ice sculpture.

Marvel also took me a second, but the scissors gave it away as a gift-wrapping station. It’s another shop counter for Harry Potter, this time with fireworks. And in Star Wars, it’s a clone trooper from my personal favourite legion: the 212th!

Kyle: We have two Star Wars entries today? I didn’t know LEGO City also had Kyber crystals.

Bart: Nothing says holidays like troopers and guns. Oh look at that gift wrapping station!

Ben: The brick-built wrapping station is a great mini-build, and reuses techniques from the elf house which was a source of great techniques. The clone trooper will be a great troop builder for some.

Lino: Just about every day so far there has been a snowman.  The gift wrapping station is alright though.

Daniel: The ice sculpture is a nice source for transparent parts and I like the clip for a scarf. My favorite is the gift-wrapping station… Great details.

Universal praise for the gift-wrapping station? That might make it our most popular entry so far!

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