30+ builders come together to create epic LEGO diorama of ancient Greece

You may have noticed a few LEGO creations featured here recently with a bit of a Greek flavour to them. It’s no coincidence that these photos popped up in our feeds within a few weeks of each other, as you’ll know if you attended Bricking Bavaria. There, you will have seen RogueBricks‘ enormous (and I must stress, it really is HUGE) ancient Greek collaborative display come together. Having seen a few bits and pieces here and there, we have finally been treated to a photo of the whole glorious thing. And isn’t it magnificent?!

The logistical side of this is almost as impressive as the build itself. Co-ordinating this must have been a serious undertaking! Over 30 builders made contributions to the diorama. Among others, we featured builds by BrickiboT, Justus M., and Martin Gebert, but this spread gives you an idea of what everyone brought to the table. It’s hard to cover everyone here, but I encourage you to check out every one of these creators’ photostreams! You’ll find everything from everyday life to the mythology of Greek epics. At the show itself, there were placards to provide some context and education to visitors, taking home some top prizes in the process, so it’s not merely something to be looked at!

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