This Capital Airship is a capital idea

Builder Jesse Gros seems to be the LEGO Steampunk King of the World. And why not? I mean, just take a nice long, steamy gawk at all those Victorian Steampunk details. I like the organic-looking feelers up top, the rear-facing mechanical doodads and the gear-encircled portal window that somewhat resembles a giant eye. I have no clue what any of it does but I am enamored nonetheless. Along with plenty of gold filagree, it is understood that Steampunk may contain copious amounts of brown, but this model instead employs black and dark green for a refreshing change from the norm.

This alternate view showcases this airship in the fanciful world it belongs in; an artistic marvel, really. The view out those windows must be a breathtaking sight to behold. This might be the best thing I’ve seen all day and I’ve seen two squirrels fighting over a grape.

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