A LEGO creation of a great “scale”

When I think of LEGO’s Bionicle line, I think of the heroes defending Mata Nui from the Bohrok, not participating in their respective recreational hobbies. And yet here we find Toa Pehi scaling the face of a cliff in this creation by Deus Otiosus. This wonderful build marries together so many different styles: the character creation concepts making up Pehi, the multifaceted rock wall creating a shell of slopes and curves, the gradient of blue plates and bricks forming the mosaic of a sky, and the forced perspective technique employed for the forest below our climber. Each of these schools of LEGO building exist in harmony here, combining to make a truly stupendous work of art! Next up, will we see Toa Gali crocheting a sweater or Toa Lewa rocking out at karaoke?

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