2023 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 23 [Feature]

Do you hear that, readers? That’s the sound of Christmas getting ever closer! And what better way to count down to the big day than with day 23 of TBB’s LEGO advent calendar roundup? That’s just what we’re doing, so why not join us as we open up the City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel calendars on offer this year?

As ever, our intrepid TBB team is on hand with witty comments, insightful observations, and bad jokes for each day’s builds. And of course, you can add your own thoughts in the comments section each day! So without further ado, let’s crack open the build for day 23…

There wasn’t much space for presents in the sleigh yesterday, so it’s a good job we get a trailer for LEGO City today. And if that’s not enough room, we can always put some in the second carriage for the Friends Christmas train.

I’m getting a sense of déjà vu from the tree in the Potter calendar. The Ewok hang glider is a neat build, but what is Marvel’s meant to be? Is it a target to help Captain America land his jetpack?

Kyle: Paying homage to Hawkeye, the Marvel calendar gives us a bulls-eye today.

Bre: Kyle, I thought the bullseye was suppose to be a giant Cap shield. Love the cute little train though.

Lino: Another rocket/tree. The train all together is rather cool.

Ben: I think it could be Star Wars’ weakest day today, but the pay-off for the part-builds arrives and both are successful offerings.

Daniel: The completed train feels like the perfect painted wooden toy made by the elves. Not sure about the captain America shield as a base for the tree though. Seems a bit undignified.

Bart: Love the amount of christmas trees in the Harry Potter advent. This little LEGO christmas train has to be the cutest so far.

The Friends calendar hasn’t had much to shout about this year, so it’s nice to see the whole consist getting some love from TBB Towers! And while City’s sleigh has its own yuletide pilot, the Friends have had to borrow a festive driver from Star Wars…

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