2023 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 24 [Feature]

Christmas is so close, you can almost touch it! But before you start shaking your presents to see if they rattle, we have one more day to open in our LEGO advent calendars. So why not join us as we open up the City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel calendars on offer this year?

As ever, our intrepid TBB team is on hand with witty comments, insightful observations, and bad jokes for each day’s builds. And of course, you can add your own thoughts in the comments section each day! So without further ado, let’s crack open the build for day 24…

The big day is here! OK, Christmas day is tomorrow, but this is the last day of this year’s advent calendar rundown. Are we going to end with a bang?

We sure are in LEGO City – who better to close out the calendar but Santa Claus? He’s got the same dual-moulded legs as Mrs Claus before him. We’ve had our fair share of animals in the Friends calendar, but that doesn’t make today’s Dachsund any less cute.

It’s definitely a white Christmas at Hogwarts, as we get a snowman as our final build. Our final Star Wars minifigure is an Ewok in festive garb. Marvel’s calendar closer is a Christmas tree – and I think I can see what yesterday’s build is now…

… It’s a groundsheet to catch all those pesky pine needles! The tesseract makes a nice tree-topper, too.

Lino: Santa finally brings the loot! A tesseract is probably not the worst tree-topper and I’ve got a lot of love for that little pup.

Daniel: It’s nice to see that the grinch’s dog Max got a little cart after losing his back legs to frostbite that one year he had to outrun a speeding sled.

Kyle: Can a dog save this Friends calendar? Yes, yes it can!

I don’t know how I feel about that polar bear Ewok…

Bre: I agree, the pup is very cute and a bit redeeming for an otherwise “meh” calendar in my opinion.

Ben: Friends finally brings the cuteness and leaves it where it counts! A Christmas Wicket gives us the off-screen and rare Arctic Ewok, once they know you it’s fine but until then expect a frosty reception…

Bart: That little puppy is the winner of the day for me. Snowman is too boxy and that Ewok is nightmare fuel.

Once more with feeling, everyone! Is it hats off to Harry Potter’s much-loved headgear? Do the Star Wars micros make it a minor marvel? Is the Friends calendar greater than the sum of its pets? What do we think of this year’s quintet of advent sets?

Kyle: The Friends and Harry Potter calendars don’t feel very full. Marvel ran a bit hot-and-cold this year depending on the day. City had some solid offerings for sure. But this is probably one of the best Star Wars advent calendars we’ve seen in a while!

Ben: Star Wars has been a constantly great Advent offering this year. If it’s not a figure, it’s in the main a solid example of the creative invention of TLG team in micro building. I’m disappointed we had several days of bag of bits this year with others.

Daniel: I’m honestly a bit surprised that Friends only had two mini dolls this year, instead including lots of woodland creatures. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the creatures are great. But compared with City, HP, and even Star Wars, they had a lot more minifigs to use in your holiday scenes.As a whole, it’s a tie between HP and Star Wars for me.

I think I have to agree with my colleagues! With these calendars, you will normally get some dud days, and some really good ones – Friends and Marvel both felt like that this year. But while City was very strong, almost every day for Star Wars felt like a winner, and that’s not something that happens very often. A Christmas – or Life Day – miracle!

And what about you, readers? Let us know what you made of the 2023 LEGO advent calendars in the comments! We hope you’ve enjoyed our traditional advent adventure, as well as our LEGO coverage throughout the year. We’ll keep it coming as we roll into 2024! In the meantime, on behalf of everyone here at the Brothers Brick, we wish you a very happy holiday season, wherever you are and whatever you celebrate!

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