The Top 10 TBB Articles of 2023 [Feature]

We’ve gathered our top-10 articles of 2023 based on clicks and views. Opinions may vary but keep in mind we’ve crunched the raw data and this is how it all shakes out.


Our first spot on the top-10 list harkens back to a time when flight attendants were on the forefront of style and air travel could happen at twice the speed of sound. The supersonic Airbus Concorde was retired over twenty years ago now but LEGO fans are a nostalgic bunch. LEGO launched the 10318 Ideas Airbus Concorde set in September and just the mere mention of it secured its corresponding article in our top-10 list with over 9500 views.


We reviewed the new and improved 43222 Disney Castle set and over 9600 of you decided that indeed this was the Happiest Place on Earth. With an updated color scheme, more gold filagree, and about 750 more pieces than the prior Disney Castle from 2016, this review sits steady in our number nine spot.


It would be weird if Star Wars didn’t make our top ten list. Rumbling into the scene just after the opening crawl script is number eight on our list, the 75356 Micro-Scale Executor Class Super Star Destroyer set. Over 10,000 readers saw this article and decided that “Something, Something Dark Side” was totally their jam.


Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine art or have frequented a lot of malls in the 90s, you’re likely aware of the Magic Eye phenomenon. They were frustrating to a lot of us; some saw nothing but squiggly lines while others, after several minutes of staring, saw a bunny or something. It’s no accident this LEGO set “debuted” when it did because it served as our April Fool’s joke for 2023. Well, over 11,000 readers either fell for the joke or laughed along with us. Either way, this dedication to eyestrain sits securely in our number seven spot.


Middle Earth got way bigger in 2023. LEGO pulled out all the stops when they announced their new Lord of the Rings set and we’d be remiss if we didn’t do our own 10316 Rivendell Review. Well over 15,000 of you agreed and with so much detail and intricate patterns, what’s not to love, really? This review holds our number six spot on the list.


Early 2023 came in with gale-force winds and likely made well over 17,000 of us a bit seasick with our 5th-best article of the year. Two friends Khang Hyunh and Ky Duy Phong teamed up to construct this epic seascape using 50,000 LEGO bricks. The rocks and oversized sharks bring potential danger to the pirate ship but the real star of the show is that tumultuous choppy water that surely brings the danger level from potential to imminent.


In February LEGO broke news of its 10316 Lord of the Rings Rivendell set and you almost broke the internet when nearly 18,000 joined the fellowship with your views and clickity-clicks. With over 6,000 pieces and intricate scenes, the set was admittedly stunning. Gandolf would be pleased.


Do you hear that ominous rumble? That’s a Tremortusk, a creature from the Horizon: Forbidden West video game. This thunderous creation by builder Nicola Stocchi boasts nearly 8,000 pieces and, with over 18,000, views sits comfortably in our third spot on this list.


The penultimate article from 2023 depicts that time in March when Disney celebrated their 100th Anniversary and launched a bunch of sets and mini figures. Nearly 20,000 of you were as pleased as punch about it. I’m not a Disney connoisseur, but the minifigure series was admittedly cool.


The number one article not only signals the end of our top-10 list but also the end of a saga. I’m also pleased to know that the top article of 2023 is not a LEGO news story but rather a custom creation by builder Thorsten Bonsch. It depicts a vignette of Bag End from Lord of the Rings, a conclusion to a project that took him five years to complete. With well over 22,000 views, this stunning creation marks a fitting end to an amazing top-ten list. Congrats, Thorsten on being you!

This concludes our top-10 articles list based on clicks and views. Do you have a favorite? Do you agree with this list or do you think there was an article that should have made the cut? let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading and stay tuned in the new year as we’ll surely bring you more exciting news, reviews, and custom LEGO creations in the upcoming year.

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