Just a simple construction site

At the start of a new year I am always looking forward to new Lego sets. They usually include new parts that I can use in my own models. What is possible now is amazing, especially compared to a few years ago, thanks to various brackets, curved elements and new colors. However, there is a drawback. I find that my models get more and more complicated. And as a result, building them becomes more time-consuming and less relaxing than it used to be.

In March, I am due to display some of my models at a show for cranes, heavy haulage and earthmoving equipment. Rather than another crane or mega windmill transporter, I decided to build a few small items typical for a construction site. I built the portable toilet and trailer last year, together with the white Iveco. The mini digger, matching trailer and blue pickup truck are new. Especially the truck isn’t all that complicated. I used old-school studs-up building and a few half-stud offsets. Sometimes building something small and a bit simpler can be a lot more fun.

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