The Home of Wisdom was built on wise parts usage

In looking upon Simon Schweyer’s elegant LEGO Home of Wisdom, I feel smarter already. Simon goes on to tell us that this home’s occupant Futuros couldn’t sleep. He found no inner peace. After reading philosophical books, he simply couldn’t turn off his thoughts. What really existed? And what was just imagination? And why did anything exist, rather than nothing? That is surely some lofty stuff to be thinking about as you try to sleep. You know what keeps me up at night? Getting that song My neck, my back stuck in my head and also wondering if there’s beer on the sun. Cleary I could use a bit of philosophy and wisdom from a stay in this stunning home.

As if that isn’t brilliant enough, the place is lit at night and I don’t mean two 40s of Malt Liquor kind of lit.

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