Top ten TBB LEGO reviews of 2023 [Feature]

With 2023 behind us, we’ve been looking back on LEGO moments, and crowning our LEGO Builder of the Year and LEGO Creation of the Year, congratulations to both. But one of the things that our readers enjoy about our content is our in-depth set reviews. Many of our readers (myself included) count on our reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy that new modular, or that Star Wars set packed with unique minifigures. So, lets take a look back over our most popular reviews of 2023 based on total views.

Before we start the countdown, here’s a look at two reviews that almost made the cut.

Honerable mentions

LEGO Batman 76252 Batcave Shadowbox
The Batcave shadowbox was certainly an unusual choice for a large direct to consumer DC LEGO set that left many fans disappointed when compared to the Daily Bugle, and the Avengers tower for Marvel fans.

Create your own mosaic with Lego Art Remix
This review of a LEGO-related product included a bonus interview with the creator of the program.

Number 10: LEGO Disney 43217: Up house

Fans of the movie have waited a long time to see an official LEGO set of the iconic and brightly colored house from the movie Up.

Number 9: LEGO Icons 10320: Eldorado Fortress

Following in the trend of re-imagining classic LEGO themes from our childhoods, this naval fort feels right out of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Number 8: LEGO Icons 10326: Natural History Museum

For the first time, LEGO released the annual modular building before the holidays, which was a bit hit with collectors.

Number 7: LEGO Star Wars 75365: Yavin 4 Rebel Base

While this Star Wars set may have lacked details compared to others from the franchise, there’s no denying the Y-wing was a great addition.

Number 6: LEGO Dreamzzz 71469: Nightmare Shark Ship

Pirates, sharks, jet engines… The new Dreamzzz theme from LEGO combines animals and vehicles for some very fun results.

Number 5: LEGO Indiana Jones 77015: Temple of the Golden Idol

LEGO took movie dioramas to the next level with this set based on the opening scene of Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Number 4: LEGO Creator 31142: Space Roller Coaster

This space-themed roller coaster hit it out of the park with three awesome theme park builds in one set.

Number 3: LEGO Ideas 21342: The Insects Collection

These amazingly detailed insects were a welcome addition to the LEGO nature-themed collection.

Number 2: LEGO Disney 43222: The Disney Castle

This new Disney castle added several references to popular movies and included a bunch of prince and princess couples.

And finally, the #1 review of 2023, LEGO Icons 10316: Rivendell

I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone, just how solid gold this return to Middle Earth was, to include every member of the fellowship, and a few other key characters as well. It was a clear winner, packed with colorful foliage and stellar building details.

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