Quick Build #14: Valentine’s Day Rose

Ok, this is actually our Quick Build #11, but for today, we are numbering it 14! Valentine’s Day may be the perfect day to share your love, but I think the love of LEGO should be shared everyday!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I wanted to build one of the icons of love, the rose. LEGO has just released an awesome addition to their Botanical Collection, 10328 Bouquet of Roses, and I really like how they created different versions of the petals. So I thought, what could I use to make petals that LEGO didn’t? I’ve checked the interesting red parts I had in my collection, and the minifigure chair piece just spoke to me with its petal potential.

I put Seal’s classic Kiss from a Rose song on repeat and started building with one question in mind…

Will you be my Valentine?

Instructions to Build a Rose with a Heart-Shaped Base

The process all starts with a few red chairs—four to be exact. I used the minifig “action” element in green for the base to create an organic shape and a heart-shaped base to hold up all the weight. Here are all the step-by-step instructions so you can build a Valentine’s Day rose.

A Rose By Any Other Name

There you have it. A simple rose with a lot of meaning to the person who will receive it! All you need is to put a clear glass case around it and you have the magical rose from Beauty and the Beart, too!

You can download full BrickLink parts list here. (Parts lists are an XML file that can be uploaded to BrickLink or Stud.io.) I hope you have a heart-filled Valentine’s Day with all the things you love!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? And of course, how much LEGO do they involve?

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