Super Soakers brought on the fun and sometimes lawsuits

This LEGO creation built by David Manfred reminds me of one of the more joyous memories from my childhood; it was only one instance and one we couldn’t replicate again, even if we tried. Somehow, probably during a hot summer, the stars and the universe aligned just right and we spontaneously made a fifty-kid Super Soaker battle royale happen. Clearly, we were not classy growing up, and the act would probably lead to a dozen lawsuits nowadays, but it was a spectacular thing at the time. I’m not a religious person but, in that moment of glory, it was one of two instances in which I felt closest to God; the other involved throwing a wardrobe out a fifth-story window as part of a summer demolition crew in college. I guess I’m saying I feel best when causing trouble.

Perhaps it’s time I light up a flaming bag of poo and show my neighbor’s doorstep what’s what. Anyway- thanks for the memories, David!

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