Star Wars; going through some Dark Times

The brilliant thing about a huge franchise like Star Wars is once you’ve established a look and feel, once you’ve established some rules, Star Wars can keep expanding into infinity. The Brothers Brick alum Mansur Soeleman presents a LEGO diorama of the Mos Sakàa Town Center from the Star Wars: Dark Times RPG. I can wax ad nauseam about the major release movies all day, but I’m a bit less polished when it comes to some parts of the Expanded Star Wars Universe. With that said, I’ll let Mansur do the talking in his own words. “The people of Antolous I have scraped together a humble life on this rock. Few settlements dot the harsh orange landscape, but the oasis town of Mos Sakàa is the de facto capital of the desert planet. Built up from the ruins of a watchtower, Cestila Marroquin’s humble cantina serves as a seedy hub for the revolt against the invading empire…”

It sounds like the start of a great story. Typical of Mansur’s style, this diorama is chock full of great storytelling and intricate details.

Here is a closeup highlighting some of that aforementioned rich attention to detail and intricate textures.

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