The Blacktron II Cosmic Gemini bursts the nostalgic bubble

This latest LEGO creation by builder Librarian-Bot takes us to the nostalgic sweet spot in the early 90s when fake glasses and Zupaz pants were cool- or so I thought. Looking back, it is quite possible anyone sporting fake specs, a crystal necklace, and baggy psychedelic weightlifter pants when clearly not being a weightlifter was never cool but a boy can dream, right? It’s like this creation, with its bold black-and-white color scheme and transparent bubble canopies whisks us away to a time when wanting to sex you up and being down with OPP (whatever that means) was a badge of honor. Maybe it’s time to don my Zupaz once again get out my little black book from 1991 and give a few hunnys a call. The pants had an elastic waist so fitting them onto my now paunchy frame shouldn’t be an issue at all.

And like my Zupaz pants, this vehicle also houses two mini-spaceships and a hidden rover.

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