There’s not much LEG(O)room on Flight 714 to Sydney

A new LEGO builder on Flickr, by the name of Aero Explorer, is living up to their name with a neat model of a fantastical plane. Fantastical? Yes! Although it may look like real enough, this is a prototype private jet that appeared in one of the weirder Tintin comics: Flight 714 to Sydney. The parachute on the back is the biggest clue to its fanciful design. Even I know that when planes have parachutes, they’re normally kept on the inside. Anyway, this is a cracker of a model. I really like the way the fuselage tapers towards the nose…

… And we get a bit of a clue as to how the shaping was achieved here. You can also see that there’s just about enough space for an interior. It sleek profile is only a few studs wide, so it’s impressive that minifigures can sit in it at all, never mind with this level of detail! It might be a bit cramped, though. I can say from experience that flying to Sydney with minimal legroom is not much fun… Hopefully the minifigure Tintin is a bit more resilient than me!

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