Try not to B2EMO on Rix Road

Big screen Star Wars adventures might lean heavily into swooshable LEGO-ready ships and alien vistas, but Andor emphasized sides of that galaxy far, far away that feel uncannily grounded and close to home. Abe Fortier (Hypolite Bricks) has been recreating those gritty, lived-in spaces with vignettes from every episode of the series’ first season, and his latest – a tribute to the uprising on Ferrix – movingly captures the spark of revolution from the finale. A digitally added projection of Maarva Andor looms large over the tense scene, but look closely and you’ll see that she also appears in brick-built form as… a brick, as per Ferrix traditions, the remains of local heroes are “bricked” into funerary stones. Bricks feature heavily in Abe’s creation, which uses no less than five colors of masonry bricks to recreate the earthy tones of Rix Road.

What I love about this scene, in both brick and live action, is the specificity of civilian life that we so rarely see in the Star Wars franchise. In a world of dusty scrapyards, seeing the old guard dressed in their pristine red uniforms to honor a fallen Daughter of Ferrix is all the more moving. Imperial forces have never felt more unwelcome.

Abe generously recorded his build process, explaining how he captured the distinctive curves of the hotel seen on the left of the MOC that played a pivotal role in the show. (And while Andor might be the most adult-oriented Star Wars story yet put to screen, this MOC still benefits from a DUPLO assist in the foundation!)

The Rix Road funeral is Abe’s largest Andor tribute, but MOCs inspired by other episodes are just as impressive. Catching up on all twelve dioramas is a perfect way to relive the first season while we wait for season 2 in 2025. Highlights such as the prison revolt on Narkina 5…

…or the sun-chasing vacationers of Space Miami Niamos.

While this is the first of his Andor MOCs to be be featured here, this is not the first time we’ve admired Abe Fortier’s whimsical LEGO dioramas.

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