Blooming Bricks: Celebrating Spring with LEGO Flowers

As the days get longer and the flowers begin to bloom, LEGO botanicals continue to blossom in popularity, captivating the imaginations of seasoned builders and newcomers alike. Here at BrickNerd, we’re celebrating the first day of spring in the best way we know how—by showcasing a stunning new art piece by talented Korean LEGO artist, Jiwoo Seon. Her intricate creation beautifully captures the essence of the season with a remarkable display of LEGO flowers.

I had the privilege of meeting Dong Min Seon (who chooses to go by Jiwoo Seon in the LEGO community) at the Japan Brick Festival in 2023 and was happy to have the chance to catch up!

Inez: Hi Jiwoo! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. To kick things off, I’d love to hear your LEGO story. How did you first get hooked on building with bricks?

Jiwoo: Hi. My name is Jiwoo Seon. I’m 36 years old and a big LEGO fan and designer from Seoul, South Korea. I have been a LEGO fan since I was young, but I started to build my own works as a LEGO fan designer in 2020.

My first LEGO creation was some BrickHeadz of Korean cartoon characters. However, my LEGO creation that began to attract attention and gain appreciation from many people is the modular “The Library,” which was the first I submitted on LEGO Ideas. (You can read Jiwoo’s 10K Club Interview about The Library here.)

Jiwoo’s MOC, the Library, hit 10,000 votes in 2022. Photo from

Inez: You have such a diverse collection of MOCs from BrickHeadz to modulars, and now flowers. They are all really beautiful. What inspires your LEGO creations?

Jiwoo: I appreciate your kind words and support for my creations. The reason I started creating LEGO creations was to design my own LEGO sets that I wanted. So, I always practice thinking about and considering what exactly I want. My LEGO creations are the results of that process.

In fact, I initially started LEGO building solely for my own enjoyment. But now, thanks to the interest and support from many people, I’m striving to continue my LEGO creations, and I am truly grateful for that.

Inez: Can you tell us about your first time working with LEGO flowers?

Jiwoo: I first started creating LEGO flower-themed artwork by customizing a Star Wars helmet set. In early 2023, I collaborated with LEGO on a project where I modified a Star Wars helmet set. As I contemplated various approaches, I recalled the Venetian Carnival masks and costumes I had seen during a trip to Venice. Drawing inspiration from those, I decided to customize the Star Wars helmet set using LEGO flower sets that I adore.

Jiwoo’s first foray into lego flowers was modifying a clone commander cody helmet with flowers from the lego botanicals line.

Inez: Let’s talk about your latest creation. It is so beautiful! I was honestly floored the first time I saw it, and it is my favorite of your works so far. What inspired you to make it?

Jiwoo: As my collection grows, I’ve increasingly felt the desire to create artworks that reflect my personal story. This year, I aim to create a range of art pieces that embody my narrative and showcase them at exhibitions, with my first art piece titled “Overture of Blossoms: Journey of Freedom” completed. I intend to continue sharing my story beautifully through a variety of artworks, allowing many people to see and hear it firsthand.

Inez: As a quick aside for our readers, Jiwoo described her work in her own words on the LEGO Ideas website:

“This work represents my life’s journey in a different color with the light of flowers. Yellow represents the energy of the sun, Red represents the combination of light and space, Blue represents the inner side, and White represents space and time gone by. The colors harmonize with each other to express that my steps in the past become nutrients. The nutrients and the past times made me beautiful in the present, and the support was LEGO. Although flowers are weak, the light of flowers is enough medium to represent hope and my will.”

Digital render of Overture of Blossoms: Journey of Freedom.

Inez: Why did you call your artwork “Journey of Freedom”?

Jiwoo: Since childhood, I diligently followed the path laid out for me. I studied hard as a student, gained admission to one of the prestigious universities in Korea, and then secured a job at a major corporation, all in pursuit of leading a conventional life. However, one day, by chance, I met LEGO again, and as I learned about LEGO creations, I rediscovered the thoughts and worlds of imagination that had endlessly filled my mind since childhood. I could no longer keep these thoughts to myself.

Through the medium of LEGO bricks, I began to bring my thoughts and worlds of imagination to life, striving to develop them further beyond my past self. So, as I created my first artwork, I visualized both the past where I wandered, and the present where I’m finding my way. And I decided to name this piece “Journey to Freedom,” symbolizing my invitation to many to join me on this journey of freedom ahead.

“Overture of Blossoms: Journey of Freedom” in bricks.

Inez: That is a really, really powerful message. I am so happy that you are taking this journey, and that you’re letting us come along with you. I read in your 10K interview that you used to be a power plant piping design engineer. Are you not doing that anymore?

Jiwoo: I’m not an engineer anymore. I’m currently designing my artwork.

Inez: I think that you are incredibly brave for choosing this path when being conventional would have been so much more comfortable. You’ve created a masterpiece that captures your journey. How do we get to see “Overture of Blossoms: Journey to Freedom” in person?

Jiwoo: I have just completed the building “Overture of Blossoms: Journey to Freedom” with real bricks. My solo exhibition is scheduled for early June, and it will take place at a gallery in Gangnam, Seoul, where various LEGO artworks of mine will be showcased. More details will be revealed soon once the final arrangements with the gallery are settled. I kindly ask for your interest and support.

Inez: You used some interesting pieces in your MOC. Which is your favorite?

Jiwoo: If you look closely at my artwork, you’ll notice sculptures representing sperm and the female uterus, symbolizing the potential for future creations to be conceived. Personally, I am fond of these sculptures.

View fullsize

View fullsize

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View fullsize

Inez: How hard is it to translate your model from a digital creation to a brick model? What was the most difficult thing in building the actual model?

Jiwoo: Personally, this was my first attempt at designing and creating artwork in the form of a frame. So, when actually building this work, I put a lot of thought into whether the desired shapes would be realized when hung on the wall, and I made a great effort to bring them to life.

Casually showcasing an amazing brick-built roasted bird in the background…

Inez: Will we be seeing more flower creations from you in the future?

Jiwoo: Flowers and blossoms, though fragile beings, sufficiently represent hope and my determination. You’ll be able to see many flowers in various forms among my diverse and numerous artworks in the future.

Inez: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts behind your beautiful build. It’s my current favorite of all your work, and I really hope to see it in person someday.

Jiwoo has reached 10,000 votes for three of her submissions to LEGO Ideas: The Library, The Opera, and the Clocktower Park. Journey of Freedom was submitted for a challenge there as well. You can see more of her work on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube.

How are you celebrating the first day of Spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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