A spry manipulator of alien orbs

Cody Avery is no stranger to mechs that blend LEGO themes in surprising (and sometimes distrubing!) ways. His latest shared creation, the Hyper Manipulator, is a mech that pushes the boundaries of Neo-Classic Space. Thanks to sets like 6882 Walking Astro Grappler, Classic Space will always be synonymous with mechs wielding snaking manipulator arms. In his modern creation, Cody trades grab jaw arms for macaroni tubes that unfurl like living ropes. No Classic Space inspired build is complete without a trans-yellow windshield, and Cody takes advantage of the recent 4×4 sphere top to great effect. It’s almost punk the way Cody breaks convention with white accessories and  one mismatched minifig leg. Down on the ground, the use of pearlescent balls makes for a truly otherworldly setting. It’s a great design that shows how much vitality there is to even the most venerable themes.

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