Reading into the scene

This creation by Bryckland titled simply “The Grand Tower” is an excellent example of visual world-building in LEGO. The characters are about to do battle, and Alex has provided a snippet of a larger story on their Instagram, but I’m referring to the environs themselves, which evoke a sense of history. Comparatively, the titular tower is not so grand in stature but the beautiful build more than makes up for it. Throughout, the restrained use of varied colour suggests the aging, decay, replacement, and repair of both wood and stone as the seasons pass, and the texture achieved by roof tiles not fully “in click” lends further authenticity. Plus I have always appreciated good stonework and that beautifully crafted dome roof is just the cherry on top.

Imagining what will come next, for “the Grime Brothers”, their unwelcome visitor, and for this alpine outpost, leave me eager for the next chapter…

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