You’ll be Spirited Away

You don’t have to be an anime fan to appreciate this pair of incredible and contrasting LEGO builds, each one an astonishingly well rendered recreation of a memorable moment from Spirited Away. (Though if you haven’t already, do yourself the favour and watch this anime instant classic ASAP!) First up, this marvelously detailed microscale Bathhouse made by Marius Herrmann looks amazingly close to the source material when shot from this low angle

And next up, Joss Woodyard (Jayfa) treats us with this deliciously detailed and kinetic scene from the film’s emotional climax.

There’s even more to love about both creations. Read on below!

The special care Marius has taken, from the colour palette to the selection of impressionistic elements, elevates this rendition of the film’s central location (and practically a character itself) from merely “instantly recognizable” as applied to many micro builds, into the realm of “iconic” or even “definitive at this scale”.

Kudos indeed. Multi-directional building techniques employed throughout and especially in in gray basement area, plus noteworthy parts usage and the effective application of texture and printed elements (the chocolate bar tiles and the Minecraft Axolotl Face) breathe a tremendous sense of life into this diminutive diorama.

Not to be outdone, Joss’s scene, presented in a scale perhaps best compared to the Miniland displays at LEGOLAND parks, is full of admirable inclusions. The mosaic work on the shoji screens alone is masterfully rendered, and the human(oid) figures perfectly capture the character of their on-screen counterparts.

But the real star here is the ravenous No-Face, seen chasing Sen (or is it Chihiro?) with chaotic abandon and leaving a wake of destruction and various fluids. This build is incredibly captivating, so slimy, sinuous and seamless with remarkable mass and motion.

All in all, a pair of fitting tributes to a true masterwork from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
And they’re not alone, by any means! We’ve got plenty more Spirited Away-inspired LEGO creations that’ve been previously covered by TBB.

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