Five mechs for fighting in the wasteland

Bartosz Sasiński has been busy building LEGO models this 2024. His new line of light-blue mechs are part of a diesel-punk series named “For Fuel!” The hero of this lineup is the sword-wielding M-D1 walker brandishing the golden blade from various Ninjago sets. This build features a number of rarer parts used to great effect: The horns in bright light blue are from 76414 Expecto Patronum, and the gold tubes were only available in two sets from 2021.

Amazing build and massive sword aside, I’d argue the greatest strengths of this walker are two-fold; its outstanding color-scheme, and its party of allied mechs. The medium blue of the armor contrasts with iron brown of the mechanical parts. These fighting vehicles have seen some hard use in unforgiving conditions and the rusty color of the struts and joints reflects that.

Speaking of allies, the walker mech is joined by a number of mechanical fellows – the first of which is the adorable spider-tank named ST-D1. As shown by the pixelated heart on its golden eye, this tank loves you even if it’s firing on your position.

Next up is the tiny and adorable F-D1. With a flag on its back and its diamond-shaped shell, this little robot makes the perfect mascot for your desert journey.

We’re not done with four-legged armor quite yet. The TT-D1 features both a fearsome main gun and some lovely heart and paw detailing on each leg courtesy of 41141 Pumpkin’s Royal Carriage.

Finally, we round out the list of allies with the multi-gunned W-D5. With its long multi-jointed legs, this walker towers above the open wastes. On the build side, both types of wedges and the turntable plate are also taken from 76414 Expecto Patronum.

All of these builds are outstanding works of technical building. Everything from the color scheme, to the mechanical bits to the details on the desert dioramas show the care that Bartosz Sasiński has put into the builds. I’ll tell you what though, if I was out there wandering the sands I’d definitely want these mechs on my side!

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