A familiar meme like you’ve never seen it before

A picture of a brick-built monkey puppet giving you the side-eye might be on your LEGO BINGO card for today, but the Internet works in mysterious ways. This model by Renauld Petit Lego takes the famous meme to its natural next incarnation. If you’re unfamiliar, the Awkward Monkey, as it’s known, is a famous meme used to convey the ever-relatable uncomfortable situation … like explaining a meme, I guess. There’s nothing awkward about the techniques used here, however: sloped cheese bricks for the snout, curved bricks for the face, and layered plates (much like you’d find in the official LEGO Star Wars helmets theme, like 75349 Captain Rex) to achieve the rounded head. And let’s not forget those eyes, of course. I can feel them staring right at me. And away. And back again.

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