Rabbit Round-Up: Ear-Resistible Bunnies

Happy Easter, BrickNerd fans! With the arrival of spring, we thought it would be fun to take a look at a fluffle of brick-built rabbits! That’s right, this is a rabbit round-up of these furry little critters!

What inspired this foray into all things adorable? Well, it could be our AdoraBuild contest which is down to its last month! (Seriously, what are you waiting for to enter!?)

But in reality, it is because last year, LEGO sent us this little bunny and they just started to multiply! 40575 Year of the Rabbit was a set with purchase last year (this year is the dragon—such a cooler creature—could a rabbit eat a dragon? No way! Well, unless it was this rabbit…).

So before we build the set in the most epic way possible, let’s see what wascally wabbit MOCs we can find first.

Rabbit by car-mp

First up, we’ve got this handsome fellow by car_mp. Looks innocent enough, with those big eyes and all. Little do you realize he just tore through your vegetable garden. What a rascal!

Mecha Rabbit by Mitsuru Nikaido

We can’t have a MOC round-up without a mech of some sort. Mitsuru Nikaido came up with this crafty design, continuing his theme of mechanical creatures. Luckily for this guy, carrots are chock full of iron! Get it? Iron, robot? Nevermind…

Lightning Rabbit by Lego 7

Was that last rabbit mech too cute for you? Well, behold this tank of a creation complete with ears and teeth. You’d never know this was built by Lego 7, the same fan designer of the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet! But enough mechs, we need to go up, up and away…

Astro Rabbit by Joffre Bricks

Annnnd of course we needed a Space Rabbit! Or Astro Rabbit in this particular case, by Joffre Bricks. Waving to his fans, it would seem, after some kind of hare-raising adventure.

An Earful Ending

So there you have it, gang! A nice little MOC round-up of rabbits to celebrate the season. But we still have that GWP set to show you, so on second thought, it might be nice to change things up a bit and do a dramatic music video of the build instead of an in-depth review like our friend Rambling Brick did.

This masterpiece was filmed by my son, Alex, and features the musical score The Shape of Things to Come by Bear McCreary from the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) soundtrack. We took a winter journey around a small farm in Vermont to build LEGO in some unusual and breathtaking places, brought to you without commercial interruption!

So in spite of the gusty wind and frigid temperatures, you can see I was able to complete the build (with only a 1×3 plate blowing away). Not bad, all things considered! It’s a fun little set, and it even came with a nifty red envelope, presumably for some cash or a LEGO Store gift card.

I eagerly wait to see all of your LEGO-building music videos to come (or all your AdoraBuild entries—even better). Hop to it!

DISCLAIMER: This set was provided to BrickNerd by LEGO a while ago. Any opinions expressed in this article are those of the author who most certainly needs to ink a deal to help make the next Piano Guys video.

What are your thoughts on Wascally Wabbits? Have you ever built a LEGO set by a frozen lake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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