Relive the adventure of Jedi: Fallen Order with a LEGO Stinger Mantis

The Stinger Mantis is the iconic hero ship and base of Cal Kestis and his NPC companions during his adventures in the Jedi: Survivor and Fallen Order games. This fantastic piece of Star Wars design is recreated in high LEGO detail in this model by Tim Goddard. Tim has spared no expense, and pushed LEGO’s clutch power to achieve the outstanding greebling (or scientific texturing, if you will) on the ship’s vertical fin. I love the details on the outboard engine; the front of the engine is a white life preserver, while the rear nozzle features a ring of clip-and-tube-holders.

Speaking of rocket nozzles, it’s worth taking a look at the rear of the ship. You can see more clearly that the outboard motor is mounted on a three-plate-high wing, where the outer two layers have studs pointed in opposite directions. That’s proof of Jedi tricks, I dare say!

Finally, you can see, like its on-screen counterpart, that the Stinger Mantis can swing its outboard below the fuselage in flight-mode. The outboard and the fin are also mounted on a swivel from the main body, allowing them to swing freely in classic Star Wars fashion, just like the B-Wing and Mandalorian Starfighter.

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