Amazing LEGO fairy castle stands over 4 feet tall!

When LEGO builders work together, great things happen! Kat (@k._harmon) and Samuel (@darksamishgray) have collaborated to create a stunningly beautiful fairy castle that built out of an old tree stump. Through the crack in the trunk you can see the cozy architecture of the fairy folk. There’s so much detail and great building on display for an observer to dig into. The bluebells (blue flowers) are fastened to their stems by a pair of grass pieces attached through the loop by a twig. The ferns are made from crocodile tails, and I love the little glider made from a variety of LEGO leaves.

The details don’t stop around the back of the castle. There is a lavender entrance to the building up a set of stone steps, and the entrance cut-out is in the shape of a mushroom! I love the use of 1×2 round plates to create an organic curve that follows the arch of the roofline.

Up above the level of the tree stump is the castle proper built in a lovely array of pastel colors. The rounded tower at the front is topped by a pine cone made of claw parts, while the main tower is capped with an upended sunflower!

If we zoom in on some of the fairy folk at the base of the tree, we can see the details of the flowers and toadstools of the forest. The orange flowers in the fore-ground are made of minifigure epaulets (borrowing from 10314 Dried Flower Centerpiece) while the one in the background is made of life jackets.

We get a better view of the inside of the tree from the next angle, showing off a series of stacked homes and shops. You can also see that the polypores (shelf fungi) hanging off the side of the tree are made from shells.

My favorite technique from this build has to be the windows! The builders use two types of tail parts for the frames, and bend them inward to create a beautiful peaked window.

And finally, we get to see the whole castle in all its glory! As mentioned in the title, it stands over 4 ft tall! Congratulations to Kat and Samuel for this amazing creation. There are more photos on their two instas, and even a full 360 degree spin for you to enjoy.

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