Crawl out through the LEGO Fallout

The Fallout TV show just dropped its first radioactive season, and like many fans of the beloved gaming franchise, I was quick to binge the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine. Better than fine, actually. The show is pretty great! On The Taste of Bricks, Philipp shows pays tribute to the premier episode with a LEGO vignette of Vault dweller Lucy’s first steps into the post-apocalypse. The anchor of this scene is the iconic Vault door with the number 33 in its distinctive font, which Philipp painstakingly recreates with a clever SNOT jigsawing of bright light orange slopes and tiles amongst dark grey. The sparse patch of wasteland completes the scene with weeds, bones and an empty bottle of Nuka Cola. Despite living in an ultra-violent world of mutants and marauders, Fallout’s Vault dwellers maintain a chipper American space-age outlook on life, which Phillip makes sure to include in his model. Not even the trauma of recent events can wipe that optimistic grin off Lucy’s minifig face.

Philipp is quite talented at capturing iconic TV and movie scenes on a small (16×16) footprint, including LEGO tributes to The Last of Us, the last video game series to get the prestige TV treatment. I’d bet my last bottlecap we’ll be seeing more Fallout moments from Philipp (and the rest of the LEGO building community) soon.

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