A beautiful build of a terrible fate

History repeats across The Legend of Zelda games like a flat circle. In the groundbreaking entry Majora’s Mask, looping time becomes the key to saving the world when a cursed mask draws the moon down on a collision course with Hyrule. Majora’s Mask itself, brilliantly recreated in LEGO by Dylan Mievis, is a terrifying relic. With its bright colors and heart shape, who would guess the mask contains such evil? (Actually, the eyes are a tell — they’re super creepy!) The front of the mask shines with a mix of curved tiles, accented by carefully looped white strings. I’m in awe of the perfect stud-free curve that wraps from brow to chin (if I had to guess, each segment is clipped to a hidden hose? I’d love to get a peek behind the mask). The colorful spikes are the creepy icing on the cake. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to appreciate the craftsmanship on display in Dylan’s model.

Dylan is no stranger to video game LEGO builds. We’ve featued his delightful Deoxys from Pokémon and spectacular Shovel Knight, but he’s also tackled Hollow Knight, Minecraft, and Nier: Automata, among others. Game on, Dylan. Game on!

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