This Bavarian beauty goes full steam ahead

Should you find yourself in the 1920s and need to get from Munich to Nuremberg in record time, then you’ll want an express ticket to ride behind the Bavarian S3/6. This majestic steam locomotive is meticulously recreated in LEGO by Bricks_n_Trucks. At 10 studs wide, the engine is comparable in scale to the Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition, but unlike LEGO’s largest steam engine model, this train is fully motorized with a BuWizz engine (see the video below the fold!). The version you see here is an update to the builder’s first iteration, and spotting the differences highlight’s how much thought went into the smallest details.

But what’s a Bavarian steam engine without luxurious cars to pull?

Bricks_n_Trucks pairs the engine with passenger wagons from the Rheingold line. First, we have the baggage car in purple.

The dining car seats 20 and offers breathtaking views.

And the sleeping car offers blinds should you need privacy or shade.

Finally, here is the full train in motion. Also featured, is the builder’s equally large-scale (if not brick-built) Maine Coon cat.

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