Fall in love with Fallout 4’s rustiest truck stop

Whether you’re a video game veteran who’s been wandering the Wasteland for years or a Brotherhood initiate who just gleefully binged the Fallout show, there’s plenty to love in Raymond Stuijvenberg’s LEGO diorama of the Red Rocket Truck Stop from Fallout 4.  The details are too numerous to mention them all, but let’s start by properly appreciating the building techniques involved. You can’t see them—which means they’re doing their job—but the builder used ball joints to get the roof and support at just the right angle. And yes, those are Dogmeat and Mr. Handy at the vault-dweller’s side.

True to the game, the enterprising survivor will find a power armor station for all their repairing or equipping needs. It’s a great LEGO rendition of the game’s title sequence.

Venturing inside, the game-accurate details continue: that’s a terminal and a Vault-Tec bobblehead off to the right side. All that’s missing are the mole-rats—but maybe they’re lurking just out of sight. I’d go on further, but another settlement needs my help.

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