LEGO Contest Round-Up for May 2024

A new month is upon us which means more competitive building! Are you ready? Here’s the latest bunch of LEGO contests and challenges from all around the AFOL community for May 2024 to help you find some inspiration and motivation to build! There’s nothing quite like a theme or a prompt to take you out of your comfort zone and give you something new to try. Besides, contests are the perfect place to interact with other contestants and judges and get to know your fellow builders. And if you’re like me, a deadline helps make sure you actually finish!

We’ve listed them in order of deadline so you can plan your building time to the best advantage. Make sure to check the LEGO activity calendar for local challenges and events near you. Here at BrickNerd, some of our fondest memories, greatest building achievements, coolest trophies, and best friendships came from LEGO contests, so we really hope you try some of these out. We look forward to seeing what you build!

Ideas Built to Race Activity

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

The thrill of the race awaits as we launch into action. Show us your speediest brick racing marvels—whether they soar with wings, zoom on wheels, or glide with sails.

Unleash your creativity and bring forth the ultimate vehicles fit for the grandest of races. The stage is set, the engines are roaring — let the building begin!

Deadline: May 7th (very early in the morning, don’t miss it!)

Prize: Just the fun of clicking the bricks!

Where to enter: LEGO Ideas

More Details

Disney Habitats Challenge

It’s the most magical time of the year! The fourth annual #DisneyHabitats24 challenge will run May 9th-11th with stacks on the 12th!

The Challenge: Build at least one habitat featuring your favorite Disney-owned IP, including Marvel, Muppets, Pixar, Simpsons, Star Wars, or Winnie the Pooh characters, scenes, etc.!

And check out our article on Habitat building tips here to get you started!

Deadline: May 9th-11th (post your stack on the 12th!)

Prize: The fun of building!

Where to enter: Instagram

More Details

Brickfilm Day 2024

Brickfilm Day 2024 is about to happen! Make your very own brickfilm about anything that you like or that inspires you and upload it on the 11th of May to participate, and don’t forget to send a link to your video to the email in the video under more details below!

Deadline: May 11th

Prize: Lots and lots of fun, guaranteed!

Where to enter: via email

More Details

Classic Style Castle Contest

Using up to 75 pieces (including at least two “classic” parts – check more details below to see what qualifies), build an epic classic-themed castle build.

Deadline: May 12th

Prize: First and second places will receive LEGO vouchers and a digital PDF bundle, and third place will receive a digital PDF bundle as well.

Where to enter: Instagram

More Details

Building Safety Month Contest

To celebrate Building Safety Month, we’ll be giving away three building-themed LEGO sets to three lucky winners! To enter, submit a 30-second video telling us a story about one of the oldest buildings in your community, and what it means to you!

Deadline: May 24th

Prize: Three winners will receive one LEGO building set each from 10312 Jazz Club, 10326 Natural History Museum, and 10297 Boutique Hotel!

Where to enter: via Webform

More Details

BrickCentral Pirates Ahoy Theme Month

This month is all about pirates! This is one of our favorite classic themes. Let’s get back in time and bring them pirate stories come to life.

Everything pirate-related is welcome: classic pirates, space pirates, children playing pirates, modern pirates (hackers, why not).

Get your cameras, sabers and monocles on, and let’s dive into the deep waters of creativity!

Deadline: May 29th

Prizes: Just the fun of building with LEGO!

Where to enter: BrickCentral Discord

More Details

BrickLink Designer Program

Participate in Series 5 of the BrickLink Designer Program to have the chance to get your build produced and sold as a BrickLink exclusive set.

Deadline: Submission intake in May

Prize: Have your build turned into a BrickLink Designer set!

Where to enter: BrickLink

More Details

RogueOlympics 2024

How madly creative can you get with 101 bricks? RogueOlypmics is back to test your building skills, endurance, and imagination… coming soon!

Deadline: Began on March 15th with 8 rounds that last 7 days each. Come watch the fun!

Prizes: First prize 80044 Monkie Kid’s Team Hideout. Second prize 21342 The Insect Collection. Third prize 31154 Forest Animals: Red Fox with prizes for the remaining best-scoring candidates.

Where to enter: RogueBricks

More Details

Happy building! See you here next month for our next LEGO community contest list. And if you would like us to add a contest, please email

What are your experiences with LEGO contests? Are there any you know of that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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