Celebrate Star Wars Day with insights into the design of the UCS LEGO Star Wars 75382 TIE Interceptor [News]

Here at TBB, we’ve already shared our review of LEGO Star Wars 75382 TIE Interceptor, as well as the announcement of the set’s release a few days ago. But on this unofficial holiday when we tell one another “May the fourth be with you!”, we thought it would be a good time to talk even more about this new LEGO set. Last month, we had the opportunity to sit down alongside other LEGO websites to talk with Henrik Andersen, designer of the new UCS Interceptor and the original LEGO Star Wars 7181 TIE Interceptor from 2000. We’ve got a summary of that roundtable below, with plenty of insights into the design of both models. And for those looking for your own copy of 75382 TIE Interceptor, it’s available from the LEGO website for US $229.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £199.99

One of the most-noticeable differences between the two sets is definitely the color scheme. While the original 2000’s model utilizes a fair amount of blue bricks, the new version for 2024 is built in the black and light gray that we’re used to seeing in Imperial designs. Henrik said he wanted to do the new model with sand blue, as the best match to the movies. But the parts palette was quite limiting, so the decision was made to stick to just the grayscale instead.

Another noticeable difference between the two is the shape. Set 75382 utilizes the far-more-curvy part palette of the modern age, where 7181 is full of sharp corners. This is especially evident in the central core of the starfighter, where design of the new model started. Henrik described this as the most-difficult part of the new design, but also one of the key upgrades from the old version. Over the 4 months of design, much effort was put into getting the central cockpit just perfect. As a happy accident according to the designer, it just happens to be about minifigure scale. It’s perfectly-suited for the included TIE pilot minifigure, and is loaded with detailed control screens true to the movies.

Despite all the improvements, some of the original design choices persist. Specific attention was paid to the asymmetrical sensors in both instances, utilizing the minifigure shovels to great effect! Both models use studs and tubes on the “wings” to replicate the solar panel textures of the fighter. And much as with the 2000’s model, the focus is on the look of the model, and not playability. The new model frequently (and appropriately) trades excess stability for the proper look of the Imperial ship, something that we now see often for adult-themed sets. Amid an environment with more and more adult-oriented Star Wars LEGO sets, Henrik elaborated that there’s much internal debate as to which SW ships get the UCS treatment, and which are given a display set of a smaller scale. We’re definitely looking forward to the next Ultimate Collector Series set that Henrik is set to deliver!

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