You may want to make like a tree and get out of here!

The forest awakens! When the forest is threatened, who speaks for the trees? If you’re lucky, maybe you get a lecture from a fuzzy orange Lorax, but if you’re in the primeval forests of Poland, you might have to contend with the wrath of pagan god Leshy. Builder Bard Jaskier‘s vignette depicts the Slavic force of nature in a style inspired by heavy metal art, with fearsome antlers, goat eyes, a mantle of flowers, and a body that blends bark and bone. As impressive as the central deity is, Jaskier packs the rest of the scene with detail and clever build techniques. Who would have guessed that palm fronds and bamboo could make such perfect dark forest pines? I’m always excited when LEGO fans take inspiration from a specific culture and use their models as a way to bring topics to a new audience, which Jaskier does here with Slavic folklore, just as he has with Polish history.

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