A modular slice of Cyberpunk

Although only one facet of a larger collaborative build, Bart Marable’s first foray into LEGO cyberpunk provides much of the requisite detail to identify it’s overall theme. While most modular buildings have such a great facade, we are left wanting when viewing the sides and backs of the building. Bart, in a relatively small build, has provided 360-degree detail with images to prove his effort.

Let’s call the ‘Fan-side’ the facade. The use of both vivid and understated colors creates a facade that seems to have evolved and been enhanced over time fulfilling the goal of portraying a cyberpunk realm, in my opinion.

Let’s call this side “1”. Although, it is mainly window, the tan “brickwork” shows age and tells a story of a weathered history.

Let’s call this side “2”. This angle provides a better look at the futuristic oval doorways. I would guess, based on the nougat brickwork, this may be the oldest part of the building.

And finally the “Back”. My imagination leads me to believe the tenant of this building is generating their power using this bright green fuel source.

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