Karashishi: Guardian of NPU (Nice Parts Usage)

We throw the acronym NPU around a lot here at The Brothers Brick and it usually occurs when we are impressed with the clever and unconventional use of LEGO bricks. I don’t think we have a term yet for when NPU reaches a point in which impressed becomes awestruck, bewildered, or even breathless. That’s kinda how I’m feeling in trying to convey this unprecedented Chinese lion dog by Woomy World. I can’t get over how radar dishes and teal horns constructed in such a way can covey a fluffy tail. The upper legs consist of shoulder armor pieces and (what I know to be) car fenders. The body utilizes large macaroni bits (or maxaroni as the builder calls them). You’d expect BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) in a stand likely placed vertically, but when situated sideways, the piece offers up textures that seem like jagged shale.

I’d be remiss not to provide a closeup shot of the face. White croissants and Minifig headbands make up aspects of the guardian’s eyebrows, nose, and muzzle. Gray macaroni bits as well as more aforementioned radar dishes and teal and red tentacles comprise the mane in a similar style to the tail. I can’t even fathom how it all is pieced together internally. It’s either extremely clever NPU or magic and, by this point, I’d believe either scenario equally. Please check out our Woomy World archive to see why we think this builder’s NPU magic reigns supreme.

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