Love is an angel disguised in LEGO

Android, angel, lust… a figure soars on Chima wings, gently carrying their lover across a sea of stars. This evocative scene from Care Creations shows how how much emotion can be constructed out of simple bricks. The composition is incredible. Two grey metal bodies built from System and constraction parts look weightless between those incredible wings above and a finger drawing ripples in the sky below. The one pop of color — a shock of orange braid made from interlaced orange clips — draws the eye to the scene’s subject, an automata conveying a feeling of safety and yearning in the hands of a lover. In the background, an assortment of round tiles on a paper moon add to the tranquility.

With its square composition, the scene could be an album cover, which is appropriate as Care Creations named the work Because the Night, after one of the all-time great love songs.

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