What’s your favorite LEGO moment of 2023? [Feature]

The current year of 2023 is quickly coming to a close, and it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful moments with LEGO we’ve had over the last 12 months. Maybe it was the release of a new set or LEGO theme that tops your list. Maybe it was spending Insiders points on a new reward, or a particularly fruitful trip to the LEGO store’s pick-a-brick wall. It could’ve been time spent with friends at a convention, or winning an award for a collaborative build. Or even finally tracking down that long-sought-after “Holy Grail” set from your childhood. Whatever marked the pinnacle of the LEGO hobby for you in 2023, we want to hear about it! Fill out the form below with your best LEGO moment of 2023, and be sure to say why you picked it and what it means to you. We’ll come back later this month to recount some of our favorite submissions.

This form will accept entries through December 19th.


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