Life-size LEGO Ghostbusters gear is ready to take on Gozer the Gozerian

In case you were wondering, this collection of ghostbusting gear is actually made of LEGO, and not the movie props they appear to be. Centuri Chan has done one heck of a job recreating the Ghostbusters logo, ECTO-1 license plate, proton pack, and ghost trap out of our favorite plastic bricks. This smorgasbord of paranormal paraphernalia was on display earlier this year at the Christchurch Brick Show back in July, but was only recently uploaded to Flickr for all of us not able to make the trip to New Zealand. Now we know exactly who we’re going to call…

Having seen one of the original proton packs at the MoPOP in Seattle, let me tell you that this LEGO facsimile is a dead ringer for the original. And I just can’t get over the exceptional parts usage in the creation, relying on a diversity of techniques like the string of pulley wheels with tires making up the main hose and the wiring made from DOTS bracelets. Rigged up with lights, and adorned with custom decals displaying all the appropriate safety labels (insisted upon by Egon), the pack is ready for an encounter with anyone from Slimer to Vigo.

But once the ghost is ensnared using the proton pack, you’re going to need a trap to properly contain the specter and allow for its eventual removal. Centuri’s version of the ghost trap is right up there with the pack in terms of realism. And while this is an object handled by many builders in the past, I think this is the best striping technique I’ve seen for a trap that opens and closes. Some may complain about the exposed studs on both of the above items, but I actually appreciate the texture, giving the objects a more worn look than tiling would allow.

Finally, enjoy the expert lettering on this ECTO-1 license plate. Centuri employs two different techniques when forming script, using a DOTS-style tiled technique for the main letters and a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) method for the “New York” below. The rounded corners here are the perfect finishing touch. Overall, the whole collection is one of the best odes to ghostbusting I’ve seen encapsulated in brick. Bravo!

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