Quick Build #10: Batman and Gargoyle Statue

Welcome back to our tenth LEGO Quick Build! For this one, we are going all-in on superheroes. I like to browse different artworks for inspiration, and I have a few artists to whom I often come back. One of them is Derek Laufman. He has a comic style that I really enjoy and his Chibi characters inspired this build.

I built four superheroes in this style, but Batman turned out the cutest with his little gargoyle friend, so I made instructions for it (not unlike this Batman polybag, but cuter!). Of course, you can build any character you like using the same technique (or build a bigger Iron Man with a similar pose).

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Instructions to Build the Gargoyle

Let’s start with the gargoyle base. I’ve used a 4×4 round plate, but you can switch it with a regular 4×4 plate, or even something bigger.

Instructions to Build Batman

For Batman, the part that inspired me was a 1x2x2/3 curved slope in tan as the chin. The part can be found in this color only in 10280 Flower Bouquet set so far. For the eyes, I’ve used “glow in the dark” white tiles, but you can switch them with regular white, cool yellow, or even yellow. (These instructions continue from the base, so yes, you start with step 59.)

You can download full BrickLink parts list here. (Parts lists are an XML file that can be uploaded to BrickLink or Stud.io.) Have fun building your cute superheroes in this style!

Are you into superheroes? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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