For those who like their dragons breaded and fried

I bet if dragons were real someone would figure out how to slather them in Panko breadcrumbs, deep fry, then eat them. Now, thanks to this innovative LEGO creation by Woomy World called the Tempura Dragon we don’t have to imagine too hard what that could look like. Normally reserved for autumn shrubbery, the builder went with generous portions of yellow-orange leaf bricks to replicate the delicious breaded texture of tempura. The “shrimp-like” tail further cements this notion rather brilliantly. I mean, who can resist a plate of tempura shrimp when it comes by on the conveyor belt? An alternate theory is this dragon only looks like Tempura in order to tempt foolish humans into its lair, then it’s scorch-city. There are currently people who climb into bear cages at the zoo in hopes of a great selfie so that notion doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

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