LEGO Contest Round-Up for March 2024

A new month is upon us which means more competitive building! Are you ready? Here’s the latest bunch of LEGO contests and challenges from all around the AFOL community for March 2024 to help you find some inspiration and motivation to build! There’s nothing quite like a theme or a prompt to take you out of your comfort zone and give you something new to try. Besides, contests are the perfect place to interact with other contestants and judges and get to know your fellow builders. And if you’re like me, a deadline helps make sure you actually finish!

We’ve listed them in order of deadline so you can plan your building time to the best advantage. Make sure to check the LEGO activity calendar for local challenges and events near you. Here at BrickNerd, some of our fondest memories, greatest building achievements, coolest trophies, and best friendships came from LEGO contests, so we really hope you try some of these out. We look forward to seeing what you build!

The AdoraBuild

The AdoraBuild has arrived, the ultimate LEGO celebration of all things cute and cuddly! We are challenging you to build your most charming, heartwarming, and adorable creations. We’re looking for builds that make us smile and go “Aww!” at first sight.

You can build in three categories: 1. Cuddly Characters, 2. Small Scale, and 3. Sweet Scenes. Enter them all and you can win the title of Master AdoraBuilder!

Deadline: April 30th

Prizes: There are tons of amazing prizes up for grabs including 43249 Stitch, 43226 Disney Duos, 10329 Tiny Plants, 76217 I am Groot, 41757 Botanical Garden, 71453 Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny, 40712 Micro Rocket Lanchpad, 5008785 Blue Astornaut Plush, a BrickNerd swag box, and Golden Nerdly Trophy!

Where to enter: Flickr or Instagram (or via email)

More Details

Create Your Own Exhibition

The Natural History Museum is ready to open and is looking for more things to exhibit! What would that look like if you could build the perfect exhibition to go into The Natural History Museum?

Deadline: March 7th

Prize: The Grand Prize Winner will receive 10326 Natural History Museum, 10297 Boutique Hotel, 10312 Jazz Club, and 40681 Vintage Hot Dog Truck. Two runner-ups will receive 10326 Natural History Museum, 40681 Vintage Hot Dog Truck, and 10329 Tiny Plants.

Where to enter: LEGO Ideas

More Details

Space Pirates

Space pirates is about treasures, avoiding the Imperials and drinking in taverns… but in space! It’s a fun theme that brings fun one-eyed-captains, grim soldiers and angry tiki warriors straight through the centuries to live more exciting adventures with robot parrots and laser sabers! And with three unique and exciting categories, there’s room for everyone!

Deadline: March 10th

Prize: Category A: Pirate Crew, First prize: 90€ to spend at the online LEGO store – B: Sailing the river of time, First Prize: 140€ to spend at the online LEGO store, Second Prize: 100€ to spend at the online LEGO store – C: Rum for everybody! First Prize: 140€ to spend at the online LEGO store, Second Prize: 100€ to spend at the online LEGO store

Where to enter: Eurobricks

More Details

LEGO Star Wars Film Festival

Join the 25-Second Film Festival where you can submit your own film, recreating your top Star Wars moments or forging new ones with the sets and minifigures you treasure! What story will you tell?

Deadline: March 11th (very early in the morning, don’t miss it!)

Prize: Exclusive content on LEGO Insiders

Where to enter:

More Details

RogueOlympics 2024

How madly creative can you get with 101 bricks? RogueOlypmics is back to test your building skills, endurance, and imagination… coming soon!

Deadline: Begins March 15th with 8 rounds that last 7 days each.

Prizes: First prize – 80044 Monkie Kid’s Team Hideout. Second prize – 21342 The Insect Collection. Third prize – 31154 Forest Animals: Red Fox. With prizes for the remaining best-scoring candidates.

Where to enter: RogueBricks

More Details

BrickCentral Shot in Tiny Challenge

Are you a fan of LEGO minifigures? This month, capture these small minifigures in a way that’s “smaller than usual.” Unleash your creativity and imagination, figuring out how to guide the viewer’s gaze towards these small minifigs within the composition of your photos.

Think outside the box! How can we make these minifigs the focal point without losing them in the frame?

Deadline: March 29th

Prizes: Just the fun of building with LEGO!

Where to enter: BrickCentral Discord

More Details


Marchitecture is back! So let’s build some awesome microscale architecture models this month for a chance to win cool prizes. You can enter in two different categories, and digital builds are welcome, too.

Deadline: March 31st

Prize: Three custom-built trophies and several sets including 21031 Burj Khalifa, 75329 Star Wars Trench Run Diorama, and 40478 Mini Disney Castle

Where to enter: Instagram or Flickr

More Details

A Storm Brewing BOBS Challenge

Strange events have been taking place in the New Haven sea – ships gone missing, unusual weather patterns, kraaken sightings, and billowing volcanoes – and now it’s the bravest of the brave who are venturing out to find out what’s up!

Dive into the world of the Brick Seas as we prepare to launch into Era III! As we’re working on all the details for the new Era there will be several fun challenges to keep you busy and excited for what we have coming too!

Deadline: March 31st

Prize: First place winners in both categories will get their choice from four custom Brethren of the Brick Seas faction minifigures commissioned from Rocky Mountain Minifigs. Second place winners in each category will get to choose from the remaining prize figures not selected by the first place winners.

Where to enter: Eurobricks

More Details

Medieval March Contest

Build a market stall and create a medieval minifig for the Medieval Town Square. The set already has a cheese vendor, but what about a fur trader? Or a mead brewer? Or a wizarding wares supplier? Build and photograph your own medieval market stall out of LEGO bricks and take a photo of it outdoors.

And what’s a town without townies? For minifig fans, take a medieval minifig portrait in an appropriate environment.

Deadline: April 7th

Prize: 10332 Medieval Town Square, 21343 Viking Village, and two copies of the 31120 Medieval Castle

Where to enter: Instagram, Reddit, or Discord

More Details

If We Could Turn Back Time

This challenge is all about the 80s! There are so many iconic TV shows and films from that era. With a huge amount of nostalgia, build submissions that celebrate these shows and films using good old LEGO bricks.

There must be a retro show or film you love from that era that inspires you. A cult classic, something from your childhood, or an old-school action-packed adventure!

Deadline: April 9th (very early in the morning, don’t miss it!)

Prize: Your build made into an official set, 10 copies of that set, 21314 Tron: LEGACY, 21328 Seinfeld, and 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine 

Where to enter: LEGO Ideas

More info

BrickLink Designer Program

Participate in Series 5 of the BrickLink Designer Program to have the chance to get your build produced and sold as a BrickLink exclusive set.

Deadline: Submission intake starts in May

Prize: Have your build turned into a BrickLink Designer set!

Where to enter: BrickLink

More Details

Happy building! See you here next month for our next LEGO community contest list. And if you would like us to add a contest, please email

What are your experiences with LEGO contests? Are there any you know of that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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