Yo ho ho and a LEGO bottle of rocket fuel

Seeking their fortunes across the stars, this renegade band of LEGO rapscallions aren’t just smugglers. They’re full-on space pirates, at least according to builder Librarian-Bot. Inspired by the 1993 set 6268 Renegade Runner, this creation was inspired by the “Space Pirates – Back to the Caribbean Galaxy” competition happening over at Eurobricks. The ship’s sail has been transformed into a large beveled wing, still striped in black and white. A large rocket engine has been added to the schooner’s aft section, and the large cannon mounted below the ship looks devastating!

From this shot, you can appreciate those magnificent engines and the minifigures at the helm. The mech suits are wonderful, striped just like the pirate minifig shirts of the crew from the original Renegade Runner. But the customized pirate-y spacesuits on those figs are wonderful as well. I’m looking forward to more entries to this interesting contest hitting the internet soon!

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