Instructions to Build a LEGO Speeder Bike

For each issue of BrickJournal Magazine, the BrickNerd team creates instructions for a LEGO mini-model to go with the theme of the cover story. For their recent issue about New Hashima, BrickNerd contributor Dan Ko created a speeder bike to populate the cyberpunk city.

New Hashima Spinner Speeder

For the New Hashima collab, I wasn’t able to participate and send any LEGO builds physically, so I wanted to create a design for something small that anyone could build and populate in their cubes to add life to the vibrant cyberpunk city. That’s when I came up with the spinner speeder idea: a bike template that could be changed into whatever color was needed.

I packed the speeder with as much detail as I could in a small space, utilizing every stud and only XX number of pieces. One of my favorite parts of the build is using two 3679 turntable plates to create the iconic spinner front resembling a wheel.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to build the speeder bike:

Finally, remember to customize your minifigure to match your bike! I chose a minifigure parts with a cyberpunk vibe and goggles, imagining him to be speeding throughout the city to make a delivery in Sector 2, then stop in the Old City for a nefarious meeting, then back home for a sushi dinner.

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This speeder bike was such fun to design, and I hope you’ll enjoy building this model to bring a little part of New Hashima home with you.

Welcome to New Hashima

Are you ready to explore the depths of New Hashima? You’ll have to get the most recent issue of BrickJournal to see all the cyberpunk details.

You can download a pdf of the instructions for the speeder bike along with a full part list that BrickJournal published here. You can also purchase a copy of the entire current issue here.

What minifig will you put on your bike? Let us know in the comments below!

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