This space cruiser was built in a ZNAP!

Even though it’s not September, we can still enjoy a LEGO SHIP when we have the space-time! This LEGO model by space_e has nostalgia built into its bones, with the skeleton of this behemoth built out of LEGO ZNAP parts. There really is a lot of nostalgia packed into this massive space ship; the windscreens are two different styles in trans-dark blue – including one with an Alpha Team logo! There’s also a few of that old type of Technic panel used on the main body, helping to round out the star cruiser. So climb aboard, and lets blast off into the retro-future!

Here’s a different angle to help show how incredibly massive this beast is! And be sure to hit up space_e’s Flickr page for some WIP pictures and zoom-ins on the details.

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