This Weird LEGO polka face is bright and nerdy

True story, I’ve only seen “Weird Al” Yankovich at a concert once. He wasn’t on stage – it was a They Might Be Giants concert – but even headbanging to another band’s accordian songs, his joy was infectious. Joy really hits on what makes Weird Al such a beloved and enduring figure in the music world. His parody songs, exhuberant polka medlies, wild music videos, and countless cameo appearances are guaranteed to deliver smiles. Builder Moptoptrev captures that joy in his heartfealt LEGO tribute. The long, wavy locks, jutting chin, high cheekbones and kind smile click together in an unmistakeable portrait of the musical legend. The mosaic work captures Yankovich’s style and brings a great mix of color. Moptoptrev pairs the colorful bust with a brick-built version of the artist’s Roland accordian. It’s a lovely portrait of an artist who dares to be stupid with all of his generous and talented heart.

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